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The concept for this ongoing project came about in March of 2007 after coming across a figure in the ice that had the appearance of an animated human face.

With a seemingly infinite amount of ice forming there had to be similar relatable formations out there. So of course I began searching.

All the images in this gallery were photographed in the Cleveland Metroparks, Rocky River Reservation.

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Keywords:Caverns, Caves, Ice stalagmite's, Northeast Ohio, Rivers, Rocky River, abstract, cold weather, faces, freeze, frozen, ice, imagination, interesting, landscapes, looks like, macro, moisture, natural, nature, patterns, resemblance, rivers, shapes, statues, streams, structure, valley's, water, wet, winter, winter landscapes, winter photos

I-0001 Ice GrinI-0002 Spheres in a blanketI-0003 WIndy Winter WalkI-0004 Ice DeerI-0005 Veiled IceI-0015 Imagination IceI–0006 Mummified iceI-0010 Crystal CrawlerI-0007 Catlike IceI-0008 NestingI-0009 Metallic IceI-0011 Crystal CreatureI-0012 Alien IceI-0013 Ice LarvaI-0014 Spooky Cold IceI-0016 Expression IceI-0017 Ice EmbryoI-0018 Ice BirdI-0019 Ice CrusadersI-0020 Ice Tubes