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The Cleveland Metroparks, are one of the largest Metropolitan Park systems in the United States. The parks are connected in series and encompass Cleveland Ohio through its suburban areas.

This gallery primarily consists of macro images, close-up views revealing details that we often miss as we walk by some of the more interesting life forms found in the Cleveland Metroparks, Rocky River Reservation.

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M-0001 Shroomscape 1M-0013 Red AdmirialM-0002 Bearded toothM-0003 Balloon BabyM–0008 Lesser CelandineM-0005 Flower within the flowerM–0011 3 FacesM-0007 Spring Beauties 1M-0006 Lepiota naucina mushroomM–0009  Virginia bluebellsM-0010 Red Trillium 1M-0012 Periwinkle 1M-0046 AudienceM-0022 Snack Time 1M-0023 Snack Time 2M-0024 Snack Time 3M-0038 Mycenoid Mushrooms 1M-0037 Mycenoid Mushrooms 2M-0015 Turkey tail 1M-0014 Chicken of the woods